“The dynamic duo of pianist David Kikoski and bassist Boris Kozlov is a triumph of musicality and virtuosity. There’s some kind of magic happening between the two kindred spirits that goes beyond the notes… Whenever Kikoski and Kozlov combine their respective talents and uncanny rapport, it’s a Sure Thing.”

- Bill Milkowski

“Dave has so much feeling. He can play anything. I can depend on him for so much.” - Roy Haynes

"As an affecting modernist, Dave distills the best in jazz and popular music and infuses every song with attention-garnering brilliance."

Brian Friedman Photo

Dave Kikoski was born in Milltown, NJ in 1961. Growing up within a musical family, when Dave turned the age of six, he was introduced to the piano and given lessons for the first time by his father. Throughout middle and high school, Dave continued to cultivate his love for piano and moved on to working with various jazz and rock groups around town.

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